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Hoosier Investments

At Hoosier Investments ("Hoosier"), our mission is simple:

We work every day to help the companies and employees we invest in grow and prosper. We provide investment, strength and guidance to companies focused on providing workforce solutions for industries such as manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, food processing, hospitality, education, logistics and technologies.


We specialize in partnering with mid-market companies seeking investment support. We then work to leverage existing strengths, identify and pursue opportunities for improvement, innovate and ultimately optimize long-term company value.

Our leadership team has founded  and built nationally successful businesses - so we've 'walked the walk' and understand business from the inside out. We leverage both our industry and investment expertise to thoroughly understand a business and their management team. 

Hoosier Investments is proud to invest in and support a diverse range of staffing groups, related companies and thousands of employees throughout the United States. 


Investment Criteria


Core Industries:

  • Staffing Solutions

  • Light manufacturing

  • Telecommunications

  • Healthcare

  • Fabrication

  • Distribution

  • Commercial Services

  • Education


Investment Targets:

  • Lower Middle Market Companies

  • Privately Held

  • Owner Involved

  • Experienced/Engaged management


Ideal Attributes:

  • Effective, motivated management team

  • History of above average profitability

  • Operational excellence

  • Demonstrated market growth

  • Opportunities for acquisition growth

  • US based with US operations


Featured Hoosier Investments Companies

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